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Display Cones Black Super Size 1 st

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Length: 180mm
Filter: 58mm
Quantity: 24 pieces
Cones, the world famous ready-made cones. No fuss! Don’t twist, just fill and enjoy.

Are you unable to spin (yet) or do you simply not feel like spinning? Then these joint cones are the solution.

How does it work? Mix your product in advance and pour it into the Cone. Then stamp your joint sleeve with the tamper and your joint is ready.

The Black Label Cones are made of ultra-thin rice paper of super quality. The Black Label Cones are made of even thinner paper than the regular Cones. The Cones also include a tip/filter.

In our range you will find an extensive range of Cones. Cones are available from us in all sizes. From small Cones of 98 mm to normal King Size Cones of 109 mm and Giga Cones of 280 mm. Order your Cones today at and you can always easily and quickly fill your own joint.


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