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Display Hemparillo XXL Herbal Wraps Naked 25 x 2 Pcs

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Display Royal Blunts HEMPaRILLO XXL Naked

These hemp wraps from Royal Blunts are made from leaves of industrial hemp plants and resemble traditional blunts. You can also roll these sleeves like a blunt. However, these hemp wraps are 100% tobacco-free!

If desired, the hemp wrap can be used with or without a tip. The leaf burns more slowly than rolling paper. The hemp wraps, like blunts, do not have an adhesive edge.

These hemp rolling papers are supplied in a display filled with 25 packs, one pack contains 2 x XXL hemp wraps.

Specifications Hemparillo Blunts XXL Naked

Taste: natural / hemp
Contents: 2 wraps per package
Contents display: 25 pack
Length: 110mm
Width: 70mm
Type: Hemp Wraps
Brand: Royal Blunts


The term blunt was originally a popular name for a certain cigar from the American cigar brand Phillies. The term has been used for cannabis cigars since the 1980s.

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