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Display Steel Pipe Screens 15 mm 100 x 5 Pcs

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Display Steel Pipe Screens 15 mm

These screens have a diameter of 15 millimeters. There are 100 packs in this display, each of which has 5 screens. They are made of steel and are very suitable for dried flower buds, among other things.

What is a screen?

Screens are spare parts that are mainly used for pipes, but also bongs and hookahs or shishas in particular.

Why a screen?

A screen prevents your smoking materials from ending up in your smoking accessory and at the same time lets the smoke through. Over time, the screen caked and it is time to replace it. You notice this when it becomes more difficult to inhale from your accessory.

Which screens are out there?

Screens are available in the following materials: steel, copper, and glass. At Dutch Leaf we have screens in the following sizes: 12, 15, 18, 20, and 25 millimeters in diameter. Very fine screens are best suited for dried buds and coarser screens are best for dry hash. You can choose from a regular screen a lift-off, or a spoon screen. The advantage of a spoon screen is that you can remove the burnt-on residues, including the ash, more easily compared to a regular screen.

Which screen do I need?

If you still have the old screen, you can use it as an example to find the right screen. Take a look at the material and the diameter. If you no longer have your old screen, you can measure the bowl of your accessory. The easiest way is to use a caliper for this. Can’t figure it out yourself? Then feel free to contact us!

Specifications of Steel Screens

  • Diameter: 15 mm
  • Color: silver
  • Material: steel
  • Contents: 100 packs of 5 screens


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