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Food Saver Vacuum Machine Top Line

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High quality vacuum machine, originally used to save food.

• Indicator Lights – Tracks sealing progress.
• Full-sized Vacuum Channel – Catches overflow liquids and fits any size
• FoodSaver™ Bag for maximum versatility.
• Port – Allows vacuum packaging with FoodSaver™ Canisters and Accessories.
• Accessory Hose Storage – Keeps Accessory Hose handy and protected.
• New Pen Storage – Stores pen under lid for dating and labelling bags.
• New Control Panel – Easy to clean and makes vacuum packaging easier than ever.
• New Adjustable Food Settings – Change seal level for type of food – moist or dry.
• New Easy-lock Latch – Latches lid tight, securing bag for vacuuming and sealing.
• New CrushFree Instant Seal – Immediately stops the vacuum process to prevent crushing.
• New Extra-wide Sealing Strip with Non-stick Coating – Provides extra secure, airtight seal that`s two times wider.
• New Three Speed Settings – Optimize vacuum speed for different size bags and canisters.
• New Vacuum Pulse – Allows for maximum vacuum control to prevent crushing.
• New Flip-up Design!
• Improved Built-in Roll Holder and Cutter – Simplifies making custom-sized bags.
• Improved Easy-clean Antibacterial Drip Tray – Removes easily, dishwasher safe. Extra deep and antibacterial.
• Improved Hands-free Operation – Vacuums, seals, and shuts off automatically with a single touch.
• New Canister Mode – Achieves the best vacuum on canisters and accessories. 

• Accessory Hose and Storage Clips.
• 5 x 3.78 L FoodSaver™ Bags.
• 5 x 0.94 L FoodSaver™ Bags.
• One 28 cm wide x 3 m long roll of FoodSaver™ Bag material that you can custom-cut to fit a variety of foods.

Size: 42½ cm x 28½ cm x 10½ cm


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