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Giftset Lady Pink Demi 50 Pcs

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Giftset Lady Pink Demi 50 Pcs

(Are the gift sets not in stock? Call or email us, and we will produce them on demand.)

Look no further if you’re looking for a pink gift set! All important smoking accessories pre-packed in a gift set with the best brands. You can expect the following products in the gift sets*:

  • 513900 – Flamez Pink King Size Slim
  • 517040-PINK – Flamez Acrylic Grinder Pink 3-Parts 60 mm
  • 515360 – Biflame Lighters Cup Cakes
  • 525390 – Hemparillo Hemp Blunts Bubblegum

Please note: The contents of this gift set may vary while supplies last. It is possible that the color of an item is different than depicted or described, or that another variant may be substituted.

Specificaties van Giftset Lady Pink

  • Contents per giftset: 4 products
  • Amount of giftsets: 50 pieces


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