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Medium Glass Ice Bong Zig-Zag Green Leaf 30 cm

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Ice Bong Zig Zag Green Leaf 30 cm

What’s cooler than being cool? Ice cold! Just like Outkast, this bong is just very cool. The dolphin-shaped design in the middle of the bong is more than a special design. This ensures that you can also put ice cubes in your bong. This weed ice bong cools the smoke before it enters your mouth. This is recommended if you are sensitive to hot smoke. In addition to the special glassware, this 30 cm high bong also features appropriate weed leaves from head to toe.

Specifications of Zig-Zag Bong

  • Size: medium
  • Shape: zig-zag
  • Suitable for: ice, water
  • Color: transparent, green cannabis leaf
  • Material: glass
  • Wall thickness: 3 mm
  • Height: ± 30 cm
  • Base size: 12 cm
  • Tube size: ⌀ 50 mm
  • Carb-hole: yes
  • Chillum length (L): 12.8 cm
  • Socket diameter: SG ⌀ 18.8 mm
  • Compatible with chillum: CH-19 (SG19), art no. 503259
  • Brand: other
  • Contents: bong, chillum


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